Inheritance & Contentious Probate

Inheritance and Contentious Probate

Contentious probate disputes are increasingly common. The complexity of the relationships and financial arrangements in modern family life, the rise in value of property and the fact that people are living longer, sometimes suffering for many years with illnesses such as dementia, have all contributed to the increase in disagreements over probate matters.

Probate litigation is complex and can last many years. It often takes a high emotional toll on family relationships. The sums of money involved can be high or the disputed assets may have special significance to family members.  Mediation at an early stage gives recently bereaved parties an opportunity to address misunderstandings and to resolve areas in dispute. Agreeing to mediation early in the probate administration can help maintain a working dialogue between the parties from the outset.

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Oliver is a mediator and specialist in private client law. He is a STEP Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) who has spent over ten years administering a wide range of complex, high value estates, helping executors and families to overcome tensions and difficulties.

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