Agriculture, Property & Trusts

Agriculture, Property & Trusts

Agricultural and property disputes – Oliver was brought up on a farm and his legal background covered a wide range of farming enterprises including farm partnerships and companies. He has dealt with commercial agricultural issues as well as land and property related matters such as neighbour, landlord and tenant, private water supplies, easements, covenants, public rights of way, planning and overage issues.

Trustees and beneficiaries – trusts are commonly used to control the distribution of a person’s assets in their lifetime or after their death. But even with careful planning, trust disputes can, and do, arise. The cause of disputes range from the terms of the trust document itself to disputes between the trustees and the beneficiaries (or between the trustees themselves) about the manner in which they are exercising their duties, managing the trust assets, making distributions or responding to requests for information from beneficiaries.

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Oliver is a mediator and specialist private client solicitor. He has spent over ten years advising farmers and landowners, trustees and beneficiaries of their rights, duties and the need for constructive dialogue.

Please call him on 07779 727903 or send an email to to discuss how he can help you.