Historic Automobile

Historic Automobile

Disputes arise from buying, selling, restoring and racing vintage, classic and sports cars. After a lifetime immersed in the world of vintage cars, Oliver recognises the issues that can arise:

  • The title or provenance of a car.
  • The sale and purchase of a car – the failure by a buyer or seller to do what they promised.
  • Repairs and restoration work – issues over the quality of work or the price payable.
  • Misrepresentation – a car transpires not to be what a seller told a buyer.
  • Replica cars passing off as original.
  • Disputes over age-related or personalised registration plates.
  • Personal injuries and property damage as a result of accidents whether on the road or at sporting events.
  • “You bend it, you mend it” gentlemen’s racing agreements.
  • Disputes with agents acting for a buyer or a seller or both.
  • Age and registration eligibility disputes.
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Oliver is a mediator with a special interest in historic cars. His years as a private client solicitor saw him help clients with their high value collectible assets.

Please call him on 07779 727903 or send an email to contact@oliverhallam.com to discuss how he can help you.