Family Business

Family Business

Helping business families to remain united as they navigate conflict and change.

Why family businesses?

Family businesses face unique challenges. They must balance the competing interests and needs of the family, the trading business and the owners of the business.

These challenges increase in times of inter-generational change and when businesses adapt to market pressures. Many families manage to keep the three interests in balance. But sometimes issues arise which prove too difficult for the family to resolve in their usual way. Over a period of time the issues turn into disagreements which adversely affect family harmony and the success of the business.

Independent third party neutral

Many sensitive issues are difficult for families to discuss and it can be invaluable to have an independent, neutral person to facilitate discussions.

Oliver can help families identify their business and family values, develop their vision for the future and the basis of their governance structures and succession strategy. He will guide and support families to ensure family members buy-in to the family vision so that governance structures remain relevant to the family’s changing circumstances.

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Why instruct Oliver?

Oliver’s aim is to help clients preserve their family businesses, which have often been held for many generations, so they thrive for generations to come.

Oliver is uniquely qualified to assist business families going through periods of conflict and change. He has spent over ten years acting for successful business families.  He is an accredited mediator, a STEP-trained family business advisor and a private client solicitor. This combination of skills and experience in family business and wealth dynamics means he can help families to find solutions to the issues they face as they pass businesses and wealth from one generation to the next.

  • He can act as a neutral third party for business families.
  • He will consider appointments as a non-voting chairman for family enterprises, helping boards to find consensus.
  • He will also consider independent trusteeships.

Please call him on 07779 727903 or send an email to to discuss how he can help you.