Fee Structure

Oliver will usually offer a fixed fee mediation. Fees will depend on the monetary value and complexity of the dispute. The following fees relate to two party mediations lasting a full day and are a guideline only and subject to separate agreement in all cases.

Amount in dispute (£) Each party pays (no VAT payable)
£0 – £500,000 £1,475
£500,001 – £1,000,000 £1,675
£1m+ £1,875
Multi party disputes Please call to discuss
Disputes with no monetary value, eg. Boundary issues £1,475

The fee will include:

  • Telephone calls with the solicitors or parties involved to identify the key issues, discuss preparation and to set up the mediation for the parties;
  • Reasonable preparation time (up to 4 hours);
  • The making of arrangements for the mediation including settling the agreement to mediate and other related documentation and correspondence;
  • Travel time if the mediation is within Yorkshire;
  • Any accommodation costs and travel outside Yorkshire are additional with mileage charged at 45p per mile;
  • The first 8/9 hours on the mediation day; and
  • Any follow up which may be required by phone or email, limited to a further hour.

Fees for a half day mediation are typically two thirds of the full day rates set out above.

The fees do not include accommodation, venue and meal costs of the day which will be payable by the parties in equal shares or as otherwise agreed by them.

Additional time in preparation and in the mediation itself may be charged out at £300 per hour (no VAT) or as otherwise agreed.

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